Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Hi everyone!

So, this is my first and only NaNoWriMo update for 2016. Oops. I know I said I was going to post weekly (at least) but then life happened and school happened and I had to focus all of my writing energy on my novel. To say that I neglected my blog would be an understatement, since I literally haven't uploaded any post on any topic all month.

My impromptu blog hiatus must have paid off, though, because I WON NANOWRIMO! HELL YEAH! Not only did I win, I won over a week early and finished the first draft of my novel in just 28 days. AND I haven't been kicked out of sixth form for neglecting all my school work yet.

I'd call that a successful month. This post isn't me trying to brag about what an amazing writer I am or anything but...well, I'm pretty proud of myself and I want to tell everybody about it. Sorry not sorry.

Here are my final stats for the month (excluding the last two days, because my brain will fall out if I write anything else):

Not bad, right? (Sorry. I'm trying not to brag but it's hard). I was pretty far ahead consistently throughout the month, which I entirely attribute to the couple of days when I managed to stockpile 5000 words or more so that I'd have the time to only write 200 words on days when I just needed to focuses on my media coursework. Trust me, I could write a whole other novel about that bloody media coursework...

I also attribute my success to the following:
  • Reece's pieces
  • The google drive app on my phone
  • Of Monsters and Men (the band, that is)
  • Pinterest
  • A very detailed and through outline
  • The relative short-ness of my novel
I actually hit fifty thousand words on November 21st, exactly one day before I won last year, and then I just carried on writing like a crazy person until I reached the end of the draft. It came much more quickly than I was actually expecting, and I finished with just over 60 thousand words a few minutes before midnight on Monday 28th. Then I cried for, like, half an hour and ate all of the Reece's cups I'd got to bribe myself to write in one go.

Right now it's been less than a day since I finished and I don't know what to think. I have never written this much in such a short amount of time before, and I have definitely never written a whole novel in a month. Even last year, when I won NaNo by a landslide, I was still only half way through the first draft. All of the normal post-draft feelings (you know, the joy mixed with the crushing terror at the thought of ever having to edit what you just wrote) seem to be magnified and I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING. On the one hand, HELL YEAH I WROTE A NOVEL! On the other, I know that it's awful and that I now have no excuse to not do my homework. It's very overwhelming.

So, what now? I'm taking the last couple of days of November off, for one. I've barely read anything this month even though I am DYING to get to Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy and it's possible that I have fallen slightly behind on schoolwork (translation: I am drowning in incomplete schoolwork). After that I'm leaving this novel alone for a long, long while and focusing on the first round of edits for last years NaNo novel.
That's a terrifying thought. Let's not mention it again until December.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and I apologise for the lack of activity this month.
Keep writing!

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