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Welcome back to my spoilery discussion/rant on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! This isn't going to make any sense unless you read part one, so I suggest go and do that. I'll skip the intro here because...well, Part Two had a ridiculous amount of stuff to rant about in it.


Part Two opens with the Death Eaters doing some evil Death Eater dance routine for some reason, and Scorpius is stuck alone in the alternate timeline where Voldemort won. I kind of love how overtly evil everything was in this time line with Voldemort day and the Blood Ball and Scorpius being called the Scorpion King. Voldemort has no subtlety. I also love that the news that Neville had been killed in the Battle of Hogwarts got the largest gasp from the audience out of everything that happened (even more than the reveal of Delphie's identity, or the news that Harry was dead in this timeline) and how the plot just emphasises how important he really is as a character. I just wish we'd actually got to see him at some point. Also, I've been doing the 'Voldemort and valour' hand gesture thing at people for the past week and no one gets it. I think it's funny anyway.

As it turns out, in this timeline Snape is still alive and Ron and Hermione are rebels who hide out in the shrieking shack and they all team up with Scorpius to help change the timeline back. I loved rebel Hermione almost as much as I loved MoM Hermione and I can honestly say that at this point in the show my love for her as a character reached heights I never knew were possible. Snape was a different story. At first I was totally emotional and charmed by his little speech about Lily, but then I came to my senses and remembered that I actually hate him and nothing he can say can make up for what he did to my babies. It's just not going to work. His patronus looked cool, though.

Snape was one of the cameos in the show that kind of annoyed me, mostly because I felt like all the characters I didn't like were showing up whilst my favourites never even got mentioned. It was very frustrating. I loved McGonagall and Hagrid, though, and the only cameo that actually felt out of place was Dumbledore's. I just don't understand why he needed to be there, and the way they tried to justify the way he treated Harry pissed me off. I'm sure a scene with Remus would have been much better, but I might be biased about that.

Then we reached the first scene in the show that actually made me openly sob (as opposed to crying in a more dignified manner) which was when Hermione and Ron sacrificed themselves to the dementors. The mere thought of Hermione Granger losing her soul in any timeline is devastating to me, and I loved how this scene really showed how loyal and brave both their characters are. True Gryffindors! I'm getting emotional again.

Scorpius manages to use the time turner to get back to the normal timeline (I'm getting confused now. SO MANY TIMELINES!). Albus exists again, Ron and Hermione are married, everything should be perfect. Honestly I'd be totally happy if it had ended there. But NO, apparently Delphie is evil and is trying to use Albus and Scorpius to create a timeline where Voldemort is in charge of the world because she is his DAUGHTER. This is where everything went downhill. Up until this point I was really enjoying the show, time turner inconsistencies aside, and I couldn't understand why everyone on the internet was so mad about the plot. Oh, how naïve I was.

INTERVAL TIME! So, I want to talk about Ginny since she's one of my favourite characters in the book and I will never stop being bitter about the disservice the films did to her. She didn't play a particularly large role in the story, but she had some little moments and lines that really showed what a strong character she could be. Her reactions to Draco and Harry's duel, for example, was hilarious. It was a huge step up from the films, which isn't really saying much. I wanted to see more of the Weasley's, especially George (is George okay? I gotta know!). Ron was obviously in the show a lot more, but I was quite disappointed by how he was only really used for comic relief. He was funny, sure, but the Ron I know and love is so much more than that which didn't come across in the play.

So, it's revealed that Delphi is the child of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange (I totally guessed who the mum was during the interval, by the way, and I was very smug when everybody gasped at the reveal) and immediately I was overwhelmed by how stupid this was. WHY? WHEN? HOW? Is Voldemort even biologically capable of creating a child? How was this never mentioned before? Where has she been living the whole time? Is her name even Delphi? Should we call her Delphi Riddle? WHY CAN SHE FLY? Why did she bother with all this Cedric stuff instead of going back to Godric's Hollow straight away? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE! Honestly, it goes against everything we know about Voldemort as a character and it makes me so mad. I don't even want to put too much thought into how this actually occurred because it's extremely disturbing to think about know...*shudders*. I'll never get that image out of my head.

I kind of zoned out for a minute because I was trying to comprehend just how stupid the plot twist was, and when I came back to reality Albus and Scorpius had ended up in Godrics Hollow on the night Harry's parents were murdered somehow. The staging for this was really cool with the pumpkins and the doors and everything and the little cameo from James and Lily made me cry (again), but I just thought it was slightly ridiculous how this time turner had managed to take them literally forty years into the past. The way they managed to contact Harry and Ginny using the blanket was really convenient, and the fact that the adults had some other time turner that solved all the problems with the old one just seemed like such an easy plot device that I couldn't help rolling my eyes. The story felt so weak in comparison to the books and I just wish it had been thought out better.

Then there's the climax of the show which involved Harry being transfigured into Voldemort and flying benches, from what I can remember. This was fun to watch and I loved that in the end everybody had to team together to defeat Delphi because SQUAD GOALS, but in the end I thought it was pretty anticlimactic. They should have just killed Delphi, honestly. I swear to God if she breaks of Azkaban and J.K. Rowling feels the need to have another play...

Anyway, Delphi is gone and it's time for the second scene that made me sob like a baby! Harry is forced to watch his parents die because he TOTALLY NEEDS MORE TRAUMA IN HIS LIFE, RIGHT? LEAVE HIM ALONE! (Side note: I actually loved that we got to see the effect everything Harry went through had on him. It made the whole thing so much more realistic and it made me very emotional). I was also sat right next to a speaker thingy so I got to hear James and Lily screaming right in my ear. It was intense.

For the remainder of the show I was just an overwhelmed, crying mess and everything made me even more emotional. Hagrid finding baby Harry just killed me, as did Scorpius and Albus hugging and Harry finally being a good parent. Of course there had to be one final scene to piss me off right at the end, which came in the form of Scorpius asking Rose out. For one, he definitely should have been asking Albus out. For two, was there even any hints before this that Scorpius liked Rose? I didn't pick up on them (aside from the bread thing, but that was ages ago). Like, it was bad enough to not have an LGBT relationship in the show but then they had to shoehorn in a totally forced straight relationship in at the end? Really?

The whole Delphi-is-Voldemort's-daughter thing is stupid and makes no sense, the plot got way too ridiculous and way too convenient, and Albus and Scorpius still didn't kiss. Still, Part 2 managed to completely destroy me emotionally and I really appreciated how in the end it really focused on the characters and the relationships between them.

This was so rambly and I definitely missed a lot of stuff out, but I hope you enjoyed it! I honestly just needed to vent and let out all my emotions after a week of keeping the secrets. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to add to this discussion in the comments.

For Voldemort and valour!

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