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Today is my stop for the Sons of Old trilogy blog tour, organised by author Annabell Cadiz at Team Nerd reviews.

For my stop, Annabell will be talking about her top ten favorite TV shows!
I'll also be giving you a chance to win in a GIVEAWAY at the end of the post, so stay tuned for that.

Annabell is the author of the sons of old trilogy which includes LUCIFER (which you can add on Goodreads or buy from Barnes & Noble and Amazon!) and MICHAEL (Goodreads,Barnes & Noble,Amazon) The third book NEPHILIM will be released in AUGUST 2015 (Goodreads)
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That's all from me for today! Take it away, Annabell...

SHOWS I'M OBSESSED WITH! (By Annabell Cadiz)

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu, I’ve discovered some really wonderful distractions *wink* When I meet my writing goal, I like to reward myself with an episode from one of my favorite shows. Or when I need to get out of my head to make room for some better ideas while writing, I sit back and enjoy an episode (or several). Or when I need a day to just veg out in bed with some good books and some good shows (where I can gawk at some beautiful fictional boyfriend *giggles*), I hit up one of these shows:

10. Agents of Shield—I’ve just recently started watching this show on Netflix so I’m only a few episodes into the first season. So far I’ve really enjoyed it. More do to the nerds on the show, Fitz and Simmons. They are both so friggin adorkable and hilarious! Skye annoys the living delights outta me so I’m not sure if I’m gonna hate her or love her yet. Agent Ward is easy on the eyes and has some really cool skills I wouldn’t mind having *wink* Meg is kickbutt and Agent Coulson—well, how can you NOT love him? *hehe*

9. Revenge—I have been OBSESSED with this show since it aired! Emily Thorn has always been so fabulous to watch. Kicking butt left and right, taking out the people who did her father wrong. YES! But over the last two seasons, the show has waned and lost it’s zeal. It actually ended last Sunday. Despite all that though, the show is still definitely worth watching! The twists and turns and betrayals and battles (especially between Emily and Victoria) is oh so delicious to watch! *hehe*

8. Modern Family—Phil is hands down my favorite dad in all shows! He is so oblivious to things, it’s adorable and he has such a great heart you just wanna squeeze him. Claire—the mom—is so neurotic and obsessed with organization, it reminds me of me. She’s also a regular mom, just trying to figure out how to jungle kids and home and appointments. Her screw-ups and mistakes are relatable and heart-warming. Definitely a great show to watch when you need a pick me up.

7. Nashville—This show is SO FULL of drama! I love it! All the romantic entanglements have made this show such an American version of Telenovellas *hehe* I LOVE Rayna and Decaon together. And I’m hoping Scarlett and Gunnar end up back together soon!! But the best part of the show is the AMAZING music featured in every episode!! The songs fit the theme of every episode and situation going on so well. I’m pretty sure if I could create a theme song for my life, I’d go to the songwriters of Nashville because they have the magic touch.

6. A.D.—This is a new show on NBC. It was created by the same creators of The Bible. I have yet to watch that series (yes! I know! I’ll get to it soon!) but decided to check out A.D. because the trailer looked really good. I haven’t been disappointed yet! It’s full of tension and death and brutality and humanness and faith.

5. Elementary—One of my favorite elements of this show is that Watson is a woman. Lucy Liu plays Watson with pose and grace and great style! I love the relationship between Watson and Sherlock on this show. They learn to grow in friendship and trust VERY slowly and painfully. Sherlock is a VERY broken character and has spent a lifetime isolating himself from the world due to loss and the ability to see more around him than most. I like how Watson was able to break through those walls and how Sherlock accepts her as she is. I also REALLY loved how they have been playing out the whole Moriarty character! It was a very nice twist when that character was officially revealed.

4. Once Upon A Time—I have been SWONNING over this show from the first episode! The first three seasons were AMAZING—especially the third season—but the fourth season (the current season) wasn’t exactly the best. The whole Frozen was terribly boring and the second half didn’t get any better with the storyline but the Queens of Darkness was much better than the Frozen episodes. But the ending from last Sunday was EPIC!! It was romantic and revealing and heart breaking and crying inducing!! LOVED the finale to the fourth season and can’t wait to see the direction the new season goes!!

3. Sherlock—LOVE ME SOME BENEJAMIN CUMBERBCATCH!! The way he plays Sherlock just leaves me swooning and my heart melting while at the same time I want to kick him in his manhood. His fast-paced, humorous, rude dialogue is HILARIOUS and brilliant! The writers of this show do such a fantastic job. Plus, having Cumberbatch team up with Martin Freeman who plays Watson just makes the show even better! They play off of each other so well and have such great chemistry. Not to mention how FABULOUS Moriarty is throughout the series!! Such a spectacular villain!! Seriously, SUCH a good show!

2. The Blacklist—I have two words for you: JAMES SPADER. This man could read a phone book and I’d still watch. He is definitely on the dark side but he has his reasons—heart breaking reasons—and is incredibly cunning, intelligent and witty. I LOVE the moments where he just takes a moment in the middle of gun shootings and taking out bad guys and tells stories. Raymond Reddington (Spader’s character) is such a gifted storyteller. I always look forward to hearing his next tale.

1. The Originals—LOVE. THIS. SHOW. SO. HARD. The twistiness, the rawness, the brokenness, the darkness. Sooo gooood!! Klaus and Elijah—the Mickalson brothers—are my favorite characters. They are GORGEOUS, British and immortal. Where Elijah is suave, pose, sophisticated, patient, Klaus is cunning, unforgiving, an amazing stagiest and slightly off his rocker. It’s the moments when Klaus is vulnerable and lets the walls down that make it so hard to stay mad at him for the cray cray things he does. Plus, when Klaus goes all vampire-werewolf-hybrid mood and goes after his enemies, it’s always so EPIC!

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