Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Hi guys!
It's been a very exciting couple of days for me.
Yesterday (after 5 freaking hours of tweeting and waiting and refreshing my browser. The suspense was crazy), we found out who will be playing Jace in Shadowhunters (which is the TV adaptation of one of my favorite series; The mortal instruments by Cassandra Clare)
THEN, earlier today, the cover, title and synopsis of the sequel to V.E Schwab's A darker shade of magic (which is one of my favorite books of this year) were revealed. 

Now I want to share my thoughts and feels about both of these things, because I just couldn't keep it inside. 
First off, I just want to congratulate all of my fellow shadowhunters on their determination and enthusiasm and bad-assery. Can't believe we got #whoisjace trending WORLDWIDE! *group hug*

Here he is!
Now, onto the casting itself. The role has gone to DOMINIC SHERWOOD, who is 25 and British and pretty damn gorgeous. Here is an article if you want to know all the details: X
And here he is without a shirt! For scientific reasons, of course.
And because Jace is shirtless for half the books anyway.

  • Obviously these are just super early first impressions and I can't say anything for sure before I actually get to watch the show. I haven't even seen him act in anything apart from that Taylor Swift music video yet.
  • I LOVED Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace and, like a lot of other people in this fandom, I'm having a hard time picturing anyone else. I have, however, accepted that Jamie isn't coming back and I'm trying not to let how much I love him effect my views on the new casting. If I see one more comment saying OMG they should have just cast Jamie :'( I'm going to hulk out. Let's just give Dominic a chance!
  • UPON SEEING PICTURE: oooh he's pretty. That was all.
  • He's British. Why do they keep casting British people?!?! (I'm not complaining, just wondering). Cassandra said on twitter that he auditioned with an American accent but after watching some interviews with him I've decided the British accent is hot and he should just use it. 
  • As previously mentioned, I've only seen him before in the Taylor Swift style music video (watch that HERE). He was cool in that though. My friend who adores both the mortal instruments AND Taylor Swift is completely freaking out.
  • I haven't seen vampire academy yet, but I did watch a few clips last night and I was suitably impressed by the acting I saw. Something about his character in that film reminded me of Jace and I could totally see him in the role. 
  • I also watched interviews and he seems really sweet IRL. That's good. I just hope he can bring the sarcasm on screen!
  • He doesn't look exactly how I personally imagined Jace, but he does look like Jace. That made no sense at all. What I'm trying to say is that I can see him as Jace and his face reminds me of how Jace should be, he just doesn't match the Jace in my head. 
  • Overall, I am SUPER OPTIMISTIC about this casting. I was expecting to hate everything about the show, but now I'm feeling a lot more positive. Good luck Dominic! 
That probably made no sense. Oh well. 


Onto the super exciting ADSOM news! The full article about it is HERE.
I loved a darker shade of magic, and this book is by far one of my most anticipated reads of next year. I just don't want to have to wait for it.


The book is called, A GATHERING OF SHADOWS! I think the title sounds really cool and mysterious and dark, and I love that it fits with the a X of X pattern set up with the first book. I hate it when the sound of the title changes half way through a series. 
The title makes me think about danger and various bad things, so that it kind of concerning. I am concerned. 

The covers. THE COVERS! I actually squealed when I saw them. Just...just look...
UK cover (the one I'll be getting)
US cover
LOOK! IT'S LILA! I love Delilah Bard more than I love the world, and I'm so excited that she's actually on the cover. That aside, the covers themselves are really gorgeous and intriguing and I love the colors and THEY BOTH MATCH THE FIRST BOOK! You have no idea how much I appreciate this, book design people (the designers are Will Staehle for the US cover and Julia Lloyd. They are really awesome). 
I also love that all the covers incorporate the maps of London. That's just so cool.

I still can't decide which set of covers I like more. Hmmm...

I'm not going to talk about the pitch because SPOILERS (and also because I would talk forever) , but you can go and read it in the article I linked earlier. Let's just say that it sounds epic and February needs to come RIGHT NOW!

So, what do you guys think about all of this? I'm totally freaking out right now!

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